Textile Info

Nagaland, an unexplored land of North-eastern India is rich in textile tradition. The warrior shawls of Nagaland crafted by various Naga tribes have a unique place in the history of textile of India. Spinning and weaving of Naga textile are mainly performed by Naga women. Naga shawl with its distinct pattern of horizontal bands of black, red and white colours is the symbol of vigor and courage.

About Sagar Vest

Sagar offers PRIDE RNS, PREMIUM, COZY and COSMOS Vests, for the ultimate man. Made from super soft cotton fabric, these vests are ultimate in design, shaped to fit that keeps you comfortable all through the day. These are ideal blend of comfort and style. Pride RNS Vest, with half sleeve and Premium, Cozy and Cosmos sleeveless vests are available in different sizes and remarkable for providing solace to your skin.